Junk in the Trunk Vintage Apparel

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JITT shirts final edits-24

On May 3rd at the Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market we will be launching . . .

Junk in the Trunk Vintage Apparel!
Junk in the Trunk Vintage Apparel from Lindsey Holt on Vimeo.

Junk in the Trunk Vintage Apparel is a lifestyle brand from the girls at Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market. Whether lounging with a cup of coffee in the morning, running errands during the day or getting dressed up for a night on the town Junk in the Trunk Vintage Apparel is for all life’s moments!

We hope you all love the feel and look of these shirts as much as we do!  We wanted to create something that we would want to wear and I have to say, we have been living in these shirts and our children too.  They are super comfy with a worn vintage feel.

APPARELCOLLAGE2Make sure you are following us on Facebook and Instagram to join in all the fun in the upcoming weeks!

LindseyJunk in the Trunk Vintage Apparel

Easter Play-Dough

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Last week I asked you guys for some Easter basket goodie ideas that didn’t involve candy, and you all knocked it out of the park! Several of you mentioned play-dough. I remember my mom making play-dough for me when I was a kid, but I have never made it. You guys. . . . why has it taken me this long? It was so easy! I colored it orange, put it in a piping bag, tied a tag and ribbon around it and voila! Perfect for any kiddos Easter basket!


2 cups flour
2 cups water
1 cup salt
2 Tbs  oil
4 Tbs Cream of Tartar
Food Coloring


~Mix all the ingredients EXCEPT for the food coloring in a pot and cook over medium/low heat stirring to get the lumps out.

~Once it begins to thicken, add food coloring to desired color.

~Remove from the heat when it starts to form a big ball (be careful not to let it burn).

~ Let it cool and then kneed to be sure you get all lumps out and you’re done!

Keep in an air tight container. Play-dough will last 2 weeks.jitt.dough3

If you want to fancy it up, put it in a piping bag, tie with ribbon, and add an Easter tag. I found these cute free printable tags from (www.iheartnaptime.com).

Thanks again for the great ideas, and happy dough making!

Mindy ShockEaster Play-Dough

Throwin it BACK to November 2012!

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Well 2012 was a crazy year because we did 3 big markets!! Pretty crazy for these mothers of 3 littles. So in November of 2012 we had our 4th market. It was scheduled to be outside in the parking lot again at WestWorld, but at the last minute on Friday we had to move it indoors, into the tent at WestWorld because it RAINED all day Friday. And thankfully it didn’t rain on Saturday, but it was definitely the coolest market we have ever had.

There are so many great pictures from this market, head on over here and here for the full event posts and hundreds of FABULOUS pictures!

Check out more of the AWESOME Photo Booth Pictures here.

And be sure to check out all the awesome treasures and fun that was had by all of you on instagram .
I hope all these pictures are getting you as excited for May 3rd as they are me! I can’t wait! Head over to our facebook page for a fun giveaway! And what do you all think of our great new look here on the website?

LindseyThrowin it BACK to November 2012!

Upcycled Cake Pan Display Stand

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Confession time – Coley and I used to be Goodwill addicts. We would go Goodwill together almost every week, and then sometimes even run into each other when we hadn’t planned it! Of course that was back in the day when we had two kids between us. Now that there are 5 and a third kiddos in the picture, life is a little different. But even though my ability to get to the GW Club (that’s what the cool people call it) has decreased, my love of thrifting has not. I still turn to the Goodwill for supplies for lots of projects, and this one is no different. I saw this multi tiered galvanized tray on pinterest, and the wheels started turning. I needed something to display an item at the market, but I was not about to drop $70 bucks on it, no matter how cute it is. At the next 50% off Saturday at the GW Club, I checked out the housewares aisles to see if anything struck me, and I found these.IMG_9114I bought these cake pans for between $1 and $1.50 each and the candlesticks were less than a buck each. After some rummaging around in the garage, I found this stuffIMG_9115 Since there’s a picture of a happy lady crafting something on it I figured it would work. You have to mix the two tubes together, but man, it’s solid as a rock when it drys! Just mix and apply. i put a rock on top of each candlestick to press it together, but I don’t think it was necessary.IMG_9117IMG_9118
Originally, I had hoped to keep the cake pans their original color so it was like the inspiration piece, but they were such different tones, I settled for an antique white spray paint. IMG_9121 I popped for the expensive spray paint this time, too. There’s no going back, let me tell ya. Love that stuff. Anyway, I also opted to not glue the trays on top of each other because I figure I can just use command strips to stick them together if I want to. That way I can use them separately or stacked. I think it’s going to work out great for the market, and I can use them for Easter display too!IMG_9147IMG_9151
Have you done any fun GW Club projectS lately? Maybe I’ll see you there sometime!

bethUpcycled Cake Pan Display Stand

DIY Easter Bunny Bunting

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Perusing on Pintrest one day during nap time, I came across
THIS tutorial by She’s Kinda Crafty. It dawned on me that it’s already April and I have not put up any Easter decorations. So I found some left over scrapbook paper in Easter colors in my craft room, and thought I’d attempt this cute bunny bunting myself.


-Various color/pattern sheets of scrapbook paper
- Cotton balls (I cut mine in half, so you will need 1 cotton ball for 2 bunnies)
-Bunny template (not pictured). I drew a bunny free hand, but you could also use a stencil, cookie cutter, Cricut machine, etc.
-Twine or ribbon to hang the bunnies
-Glue gun


Step 1

Make your bunny template


Step 2

Trace your bunny template on your scrapbook paper


Step 3

Cut out each bunny (don’t make fun of my gross  well used glue gun, it’s been good to me) 


Step 4

Glue the half cotton ball tail on each bunny


Step 5

Place a small dot of glue on the back of each ear and attach to the twine


Step 6

Hang and enjoy!


This was such an EASY project, I completed it while catching up on Parenthood on the DVR. I think it turned out pretty cute!

Happy Easter, and Happy Crafting!

Mindy ShockDIY Easter Bunny Bunting

Throwin it back to September 2012

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And we’re back and counting down to the market!! And with that today we are throwin’ it back to September 2012! It was another HOT day out at Junk in the Trunk, but it didn’t fail to be another AMAZING day! You guys have been so great to us and the event continues to grow every market. September 2012 we had 70+ vendors and 1700+ people come out! It was a fabulous day, I mean just take a look at these beautiful pictures! For the full post, you can head on over to this post.


sept collage

sept collage2


sept collage3


sept collage4

And who could forget all the AWESOME shoppers we had and the TREASURES they found!



I don’t know about you, but looking at all these pictures, makes me SOOOOOOOOOO excited for May 3rd!!! Who else is getting excited?!

LindseyThrowin it back to September 2012

DIY PVC Pipe Sprinkler

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Ready or not, here it comes. . . . summer that is! For us here in Phoenix, our summers can be brutal, and the best way to beat the heat is water! Although pools are nice, they can warm up pretty quick. . . and cooling off in bath water is hard to do. I was poking around on pintrest the other day and came across these genious ideas for the kiddos to keep cool:







My hubby had some extra PVC pipe from a recent project stored in our shed, so I thought I would put it to good use. Last weekend, I decided to make this water sprinkler by Home Spun Threads (www.homespunthread.com). It was super easy, and needless to say, my son LOVED it! So much so, we now have to hide the pvc sprinkler when it’s not in use!


It’s supposed to be warm this weekend. . . . maybe it’s time for you to make a pvc sprinkler too!

Stay cool out there!

Mindy ShockDIY PVC Pipe Sprinkler

Throwin it back to May 2012

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It’s that time again for Throwback Thursday. Who’s ready to throw it back to market #2?!

In May of 2012 we had our second market. After the crazy turnout of our first market we realized this market needed a much bigger location, so we moved to WestWorld. The same home we have today, however we started in the lower parking lot. Yep, May in Scottsdale on black asphault!?! Yikes is right, it was quite toasty, but still a great market. We continued to pound the pavement and participate in other little markets across the valley building a community of vendors and at the market we had 63 AMAZING vendors, most of which are still with us today. We are so thankful for all the FABULOUS vendors that we have gotten to work with and become such good friends with over the years and are so proud to be able to show them off to you our wonderful shoppers!

And don’t forget to mark your calendars for May 3rd for our next market!!!

LindseyThrowin it back to May 2012

10 Best Vintage Picture Books for Boys

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10 best vintage picture books for boys Three weeks ago, I posted about the ten best vintage picture books for girls. I promised a post about the 10 best vintage picture books for boys, so here goes! Now, when I use the term “for boys” of course, i don’t mean that these books are not appropriate for girls. We own all of these except one, and that one is a frequently requested library choice of the Little Bee. While the books I chose for girls tended to have female heroines, and pretty pictures and revolve around relationships, the ones I chose for boys have boys or animals as heroes and have more funny or mischievious situations. That being said, my little girls LOVE books where the main character is an animal, and they sure do love their share of mischief. So obviously, all of these books are great for boys and girls!

1. Curious George Rides a Bike by HA Rey. Curious George is just the best. All of the original George books are so, so good, although the ones written after HA Rey’s death are hit or miss. Such funny situations, and little industrious George always finds a way to turn a bad situation into good. I even like the Curious George PBS series and I hate most shows based on good children’s books. (Have you watched the Olivia TV show? Blech)IMG_9095

2. I Wish That I Had Duck Feet by Dr Seuss (writing as Theo LeSeig). A little boy goes through all of the body parts he wished he has – duck feet, elephant trunk, whale spout, etc, but finds something wrong with each of them. Eventually, he decides that being who he is is pretty much ok. All kids will crack up at the “which-what-who” that is a combination of all the little boy’s wishes. Heck, it cracks me up!IMG_9078

3. The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy by Jane Thayer / Catherine Wooley. I didn’t even know about this book until this Christmas when my Mom gave it to the girls. It was written in 1958 bu Catherine Wooley, and then updated by Jane Thayer. A sweet story about a puppy who searches for a boy on Christmas, but finds so much more than just a boy. I won’t ruin it for you, but it is darn cute. Any boy who loves his pup will love this story.IMG_9087IMG_9093

4. The Fire Cat by Esther Averill. This one was a childhood favorite of both Mama and the mister. It’s a story of an alley cat who spends his time scaring little cats, but knows he’s meant for bigger things. He doesn’t want to live with Mrs. Goodkind, who adopts him, but when the firemen come around, he finds his purpose. I refer back to this book when the little people are picking on each other – “Aren’t you meant for bigger things?” And there are firemen, which is always a bonus for a little boy!IMG_9085

S. Stanley by Syd Hoff. Stanley is a cavemen who goes in search of a better way to live when he’s kicked out of the caveman group for being kind to animals and not wanting to sleep in a cave even though he is just as tough as the other cavemen. He also paints pictures, plants seeds and is nice to others. The other cavemen eventually come around to his ideas. Stanley is a good reminder that a strong man doesn’t just follow the crowd.

6. Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion. Harry was one of my favorites as a kid…maybe because I liked to get so dirty I became unrecognizable, just like Harry! Harry hates taking a bath, so he hides the bath brush and goes on a get-as-dirty-as-possible adventure. But when he gets tired and wants to come home, he realizes that some things are worth taking a bath for!IMG_9097

7. Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel by Virgina Lee Burton. Dirt, digging and big big machines. If you haven’t read this book to your little guy, you need to do it right now. Mike Mulligan refuses to let his beloved steam shovel, Mary Ann, become obsolete in a world of gasoline engines, so he takes on a seemingly impossible task. When it’s accomplished, Mary Ann is reinvented in an awesome way.

8. Lyle, Lyle Crocodile by Bernard Waber. I’m pretty sure most boys have dreamed of having a pet crocodile living in his bathtub. And Lyle is such a helpful one! We have a treasury of four Lyle stories, but we love Lyle and The Birthday Party the best. In this lesser known story, Lyle learns that doing good for others can calm a jealous heart.IMG_9106

9. Lentil by Robert McCloskey. Lentil is a boy who just.cant.whistle. But he learns to play the harmonica and saves the day when the band suddenly can’t play at Colonel Carter’s homecoming. A great story of believing in yourself even when your talents don’t fit the mold.

10. William’s Doll by Charlotte Zolotow. No list of the best picture books would be complete without a Charlotte Zolotow book! William’s Doll is (in my opinion) the most important book a mom or dad can read to their son. William wants a doll so badly, but he’s ridiculed by friends and even family until his wise, wise grandmother steps in and helps his father understand why it’s important for William to have a doll. IMG_9091

Books are such an important part of our children’s lives and can provide such great opportunities for life lessons! I hope you enjoy these vintage picture books as much as we have.
As always, please feel free to add your favorites in the comments. I am always happy to find new books – especially vintage ones!

beth10 Best Vintage Picture Books for Boys