Market Pictures Part 1

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We are just now starting to recover from the market. It was so wonderful and we can’t thank you all enough for making it our best market yet! We want to thank our vendors who continually hit it out of the park!  Our family and friends that help us pull this off every time, we truly can not do it without you.  And finally our husbands.  They are our biggest supporters and always push us to get better.  You are our rocks and this dream would not have become a reality if it weren’t for both of you!  Ok, enough of the sap… Get ready for picture overload! Hope you enjoy.  All photos by the amazing Breanne from Red Poppy Photo!


collage 2

Collage 3

Collage 4

Collage 5

Collage 6Collage 7

Collage8More to come!


coleyMarket Pictures Part 1

Throwback Thursday!

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It’s Throwback Thursday!!!  So since we are just 9 days away from the market, what better way to celebrate this fantastic Thursday than with a look back at the past markets!!!  It’s been an AMAZING 3 years!  Did you know that this month marks 3 months since our first market?!  Pretty crazy huh!  We’ve come along way from a backyard and we are so excited to celebrate with you all next week with another MARKET!


May 2014!

It was a fabulous day!  To see all the pictures head over Here, here, here and here and here.
JITT 5-3 final edits-50PicMonkey Collage

November 2013
If you want to remember all the fun we had you can head over here, here, herehere and here (that’s a lot of links I know, but there were just so many GREAT pictures, we just couldn’t narrow it down).


April 2013
To see all the pictures from this market head here and here.



November 2012
There are so many great pictures from this market, head on over here and here for the full event posts and hundreds of FABULOUS pictures!


September 2012
It was a fabulous day, I mean just take a look at these beautiful pictures! For the full post, you can head on over to this post.



May 2012



September 2011


Thanks for takin a trip down memory lane with us!  Can’t wait to celebrate with all of you on September 20th at WestWorld!


LindseyThrowback Thursday!


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THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  Thank you to all of you that came out to celebrate the release of the Poster for the September market!!!  We had a great night hanging out with all of you!!!

And for all of you that didn’t make it out, check out our FABULOUS poster!!!  And start sharing it will all your friends and start getting excited the market is just 22 days away!!


JITT Poster Release Party-13

JITT Poster Release Party-16

JITT Poster Release Party-50

JITT Poster Release Party-8

JITT Poster Release Party-5

JITT Poster Release Party-10

JITT Poster Release Party-1

JITT Poster Release Party-14

JITT Poster Release Party-20

JITT Poster Release Party-28

JITT Poster Release Party-45

JITT Poster Release Party-46

JITT Poster Release Party-63

JITT Poster Release Party-64

JITT Poster Release Party-66

JITT Poster Release Party-74

JITT Poster Release Party-47

JITT Poster Release Party-55

JITT Poster Release Party-56

JITT Poster Release Party-61

JITT Poster Release Party-60

JITT Poster Release Party-58

JITT Poster Release Party-67

JITT Poster Release Party-75

JITT Poster Release Party-76

JITT Poster Release Party-77

JITT Poster Release Party-80

JITT Poster Release Party-83

JITT Poster Release Party-84

JITT Poster Release Party-85

JITT Poster Release Party-87

JITT Poster Release Party-89

JITT Poster Release Party-91

JITT Poster Release Party-92

JITT Poster Release Party-93

JITT Poster Release Party-94

JITT Poster Release Party-95

JITT Poster Release Party-97

JITT Poster Release Party-102 JITT Poster Release Party-103 JITT Poster Release Party-105 JITT Poster Release Party-106 JITT Poster Release Party-109 JITT Poster Release Party-111 JITT Poster Release Party-112

JITT Poster Release Party-115 JITT Poster Release Party-117 (1) JITT Poster Release Party-123 JITT Poster Release Party-124 JITT Poster Release Party-125

JITT Poster Release Party-131

JITT Poster Release Party-132

JITT Poster Release Party-134A huge THANK YOU to Modern Manor for letting us crash their beautiful space!!!  And the perfect space for all us Junk Lovers alike!!

JITT Poster Release Party-21

And THANK YOU to all our AMAZING food vendors!!!  To our very own FabULOus baker, Bonnie’s Baking!!!
JITT Poster Release Party-29 JITT Poster Release Party-32

 To the BeAUtiFUL ladies who have mastered the most AMazInG cold brewed coffee ever, Mama’s Cold Brew.

JITT Poster Release Party-33

To the makers of the most AMAZING waffles we have ever tasted, Waffle Luv!!!

JITT Poster Release Party-42

To the sweetest Laurie who makes the most AMAzinG tasting food ever!! from Laurie’s Family Food!!

JITT Poster Release Party-40

JITT Poster Release Party-36

 A HUGE THANK YOU to the ever FABULOUS Lee Perreira!!  One of our favorites to with the most AMAZING voice!!

JITT Poster Release Party-128

I hope that you all had a GREAT night!!!  We really appreciate everyone that came out to support us!!  We are so blessed by you all and so very thankful that we get to celebrate and hang out with all of you!!

JITT Poster Release Party-11



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As we get ready for our upcoming September market, we figured it was time to take a break and throw a big party. Join us for live music from some of our musicians, food trucks with food available for purchase, infinite amounts of design inspiration, awesome giveaways and a few Tasty hour devours. Pick up your favorite Junk in the Trunk Vintage Tee & everyone will leave with a copy of the September poster to take home and share with all your friends.

LindseyYOU are INVITED!!!


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TODAY we opened up registration for new vendors for our next market on September 20th. You can use this link to Register.

The Vintage Market is a juried event and participating vendors will be chosen based on product variety, originality, quality and display design. We will approve a limited number of any one type of vendors and products to reduce competition and provide the largest selection of merchandise to attendees. All items that are sold MUST be antique & vintage (think items 20 years or older), or re-purposed. We will be accepting only a very small amount of handmade vendors. There will be NO MASS PRODUCED, commercial or new goods allowed to be sold (unless handmade).

We are filling up quickly, spaces are limited, so don’t hesitate.  Apply TODAY!


Tales from Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market

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Today I wanted to share a couple fun stories with you from the market. To me one of the best things about the markets is all the AMAZING people that you get to meet. Everyone has a great story to share and now after 3 years we start to see a lot of the same shoppers each time.

These are stories from our vendors about some of their favorite shoppers. Thank you Kristen from Moonstruck Vintage for the first one!


A tale of two typewriters….
Last Fall at the Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market, I was completely charmed by a wonderful 10 year old boy who purchased a Remington portable typewriter from me. I was struck by his passion for typewriters, his knowledge, and by what an extremely polite and sincere young man he was. So, what a wonderful surprise it was, when late in the day at this Spring’s market I recognized one of my very favorite customers – Sean!

In no time, we were chatting about some of the latest additions to his typewriter collection, and I showed him some photos from my recent visit to the Mesa Typewriter Exchange. Fortunately, I still had one typewriter left – a Royal Safari. A deal was struck, and Sean now has a new addition to his collection. I was very flattered when Sean gave me the honor of naming the typewriter – I hope this is the beginning of a long friendship for he and Katharine.

Truly, it’s the moments like these that are the sweetest part of what I do! He completely made my day!

The next couple stories are from Leah from Ruby Mae Jewelry.

Peggy had bracelets made for herself and her sisters Pat & Pam. They are in honor of their Dad who recently passed away. They are loaded with charms representing his passions and past times. He loved motor boating, carpentry, martini’s and schnauzers. He was in the Air Force and had a great zest for life. He is dearly missed. Peggy surprised her sister Pat with her bracelet when they came to my booth at the the recent Junk In The Trunk show in Scottsdale.Hand stamped charms by my dad Jake.

These two little girls were in my Ruby Mae Jewelry booth giggling and I heard them say, “our name is famous”, when I asked if one was named Ruby Mae, she said, “I’m Ruby Lee, This is Etta Mae”

A JITT shopper named Liz walked into my booth with a bag of striped green beads and asked if I would make her a bracelet. She selected a hand stamped letter “L” charm, told me things she likes and I went home and created this for her. I hope she loves it.

And a few stories from Jen with VintagebyJen.


This little boy was fantastic!! He needed this and that because “he didn’t have this at my Grandma’s house”.


The gal on the left was elated to find this vintage mailbox. Her Grandfather had owned the company which made these mailboxes. The company has since closed- she has been looking for one for several years- and where did she find it? @VintagebyJen

LindseyTales from Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market

Three Great No Bake Treats…Because I Might Die if I Have to Turn on My Oven.

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no bake treatsPeople, it is warm here in sunny AZ. I always thought that since I grew up here, I could tolerate the heat so much better than your average non – native. But throw in a couple years past my 30th birthday (I’m not saying how many) and oh yeah a pregnancy, and I am soooooooo not looking forward to 110 plus weather.
One way we natives have learned how to cope with the nastiness that is the AZ summer is to NOT turn on our ovens as much as possible. We grill, we eat salads, whatever we can do to add another degree to the temp in our houses. Cheapskates like me also know that this helps keep the energy bill at minimum, too. But I do love being able to pull out a healthy homemade snack when the little hooligans become ravenous and want something more that a piece of fruit. All three of theses treats have a good dose of protein too, and are pretty quick to make. Just throw the ingredients together, blend or mix, and you’re good to go. So her they are, my three favorite no bake threats for when you feel like you might die if you have to turn on the oven.176
Mix and Match Date Bars / Balls
1 1/2 cups pitted dates (I use deglet dates and get them at Sprouts. This is a little more than half a package)
1 cup dried fruit such as raisins, cherries or prunes
3/4 cup nuts I’ve used cashews and almonds
other optional add ins – raw cacao nibs, good quality chocolate chips, flax seeds, unsweetened coconut flakes
combine all ingredients in your food processor and pulse until you have a sticky mess. Sometimes my food processor gets a little hung up, so check to see if the blade is stuck on a pit. Dump out onto parchment paper or a silicone mat and either use your rolling pin to flatten and cut into bars or roll into balls. I’ve done both, but end up doing the balls more often because the little people can help.
166No Bake Peanut Butter Energy Bites
I got this recipe from Smashed Peas and Carrots a couple of years ago and they’ve definitely become a favorite in our house. I’ll sometimes throw the ingredients together during breakfast, chill and then roll ‘em up for snack a couple hours later.
178Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars
I never would have come up with this combination myself, but I love how the sweet and salty come together! And I found this on a very healthy friend’s Pinterest board so i can tell myself that they are definitely healthy. The original recipe is here at Bakerlady. They’re pretty rich, so just a small one will do for sure. I keep these in the freezer because they can get a little soft. The girls have a great time smashing up the pretzels too!
So there they are, my three favorite quick and easy no bake treats. Hope they make your summer just a little bit cooler!

bethThree Great No Bake Treats…Because I Might Die if I Have to Turn on My Oven.

And More Pictures!!

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And because there were too many fabulous pictures to narrow it down, here are the remainder of the pictures from the market on May 3rd. If you missed any of the previous pictures you can check them out here, here, and here, and photobooth pictures here, here and here. All pictures courtesy of Danielle Apple Photography!
JITT 5-3 final edits-128

JITT 5-3 final edits-122

JITT 5-3 final edits-131

JITT 5-3 final edits-129

JITT 5-3 final edits-138

JITT 5-3 final edits-140

JITT 5-3 final edits-144

JITT 5-3 final edits-145

JITT 5-3 final edits-146

JITT 5-3 final edits-147 (1)

JITT 5-3 final edits-148

JITT 5-3 final edits-149

JITT 5-3 final edits-150

JITT 5-3 final edits-152

JITT 5-3 final edits-153

JITT 5-3 final edits-156

JITT 5-3 final edits-161

JITT 5-3 final edits-162

JITT 5-3 final edits-183

JITT 5-3 final edits-184

JITT 5-3 final edits-185 (1)

JITT 5-3 final edits-186

JITT 5-3 final edits-187

JITT 5-3 final edits-189

JITT 5-3 final edits-190

JITT 5-3 final edits-191

JITT 5-3 final edits-192

JITT 5-3 final edits-194

JITT 5-3 final edits-195

JITT 5-3 final edits-199

JITT 5-3 final edits-165

JITT 5-3 final edits-221

JITT 5-3 final edits-166

JITT 5-3 final edits-223

JITT 5-3 final edits-230

JITT 5-3 final edits-170

JITT 5-3 final edits-232

JITT 5-3 final edits-233

JITT 5-3 final edits-234

JITT 5-3 final edits-235

JITT 5-3 final edits-236 (1)

JITT 5-3 final edits-237

JITT 5-3 final edits-172

JITT 5-3 final edits-241 (1)

JITT 5-3 final edits-242

JITT 5-3 final edits-243

JITT 5-3 final edits-244

JITT 5-3 final edits-245

JITT 5-3 final edits-246

JITT 5-3 final edits-247

JITT 5-3 final edits-248

JITT 5-3 final edits-249

JITT 5-3 final edits-250

JITT 5-3 final edits-174

JITT 5-3 final edits-254

JITT 5-3 final edits-257

JITT 5-3 final edits-258

JITT 5-3 final edits-262

JITT 5-3 final edits-176

JITT 5-3 final edits-265

JITT 5-3 final edits-266

JITT 5-3 final edits-267

JITT 5-3 final edits-268

JITT 5-3 final edits-270

JITT 5-3 final edits-271

JITT 5-3 final edits-273

JITT 5-3 final edits-274

JITT 5-3 final edits-275

JITT 5-3 final edits-177

JITT 5-3 final edits-276

JITT 5-3 final edits-277

JITT 5-3 final edits-180

JITT 5-3 final edits-282

JITT 5-3 final edits-284

JITT 5-3 final edits-287

JITT 5-3 final edits-291

JITT 5-3 final edits-292

Who else out there loved Mama’s Cold Brew Coffee as much as we did?  Wasn’t it just the best?!  We just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to them for coming out and spending their day with us, because we couldn’t have made it through the day without them!!!

JITT 5-3 final edits-225 JITT 5-3 final edits-226 (1)


LindseyAnd More Pictures!!