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Assorted Vintage Books

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Great gifts for Father’s Day or for any occasion! There are a variety of books with one being just right for you! Just click on the one you want. If you want more than one, shipping costs won’t double but will be discounted automatically for you.

1-America’s National Parks- (1957) Hardcover. 254 pages. Beautiful black/white and color pictures of National Parks. Descriptions about all featured in the Contents picture. Book is in good vintage condition. Very minor, minor looseness of cover from front page.

2-I Never Played the Game by Howard Cosell- (1985) Hardcover. 380 pages. Book covers his 33 years of Broadcasting. Also discusses the sports figures he has known. Book is in good vintage condition.

3-Van Gogh-(1966) Hardcover. 36 pages with 90 color plates. His inner conflicts, and masterful creations. Color plates depicting his artwork over time. Good vintage condition.

4-Atomic Cocktails-(1998) Hardcover. 93 pages. Not vintage, but the recipes included are drinks from the fabulous fifties and swinging sixties! A delightful resource book for the modern drinker. You’ll find the book covered in pictures from the 50’s & 60’s and recipes like; Gimlet, Mint Julep, and Martini Madness. Fun little book to have for your home bar!

5-But This War Had Such Promise-Doonesbury Classic-(1971)-Paperback. Gary Trudeau was known for his comic strips about the Vietnam War. This book is full of comic strips that have the Vietnam content amongst other items. Good vintage condition.

6-Imperial Rome-Hardback spiral bound. 79 pages. Covers History of Ancient Rome and includes beautiful transparent overlays of Imperial Rome as well. Overlays such as The Colosseum and The Roman Forum to name a couple. Great condition. Year isn’t listed.

7-Art and History of Greece-(1999) Paperback. 190 pages. Not a vintage book and yet a beautiful picture book I thought someone would like! Just as the title suggests, pictures of Art and History of Greece. Features The Acropolis, along with pictures and history of many of the Greek Cities.

8-Rules of The Game-(1974) Paperback. 315 pages. An illustrated guide to understanding more than 400 national and international sporting events. Good vintage condition despite some cover and back cover tearing and staining. Some of the pages have a faded look as well but doesn’t hamper the reading. Good resource guide.

9-The Great Barrier Reef-Time Life Book-(1974) Hardback. 179 pages. Fishes and reefs that you find in the location, including pictures of them and The Great Barrier Reef. Good vintage condition.

10-The Grand Canyon-Time Life Book-(1972) Hardback. 179 pages. Pictures of different areas of the Grand Canyon. Exploring the river, and how the canyon came to exist. Good vintage condition.

11-20 Reader Digest Books (1953) Hardback. 574 pages. The best stories from the Readers Digest Magazine that have been put into hardbound form. Book is an excellent condition as it was protected by a book case that is somewhat faded. The top of the book’s spine has a small tear.

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1-America's Parks (7.00), 2-Howard Cosell (8.00), 3-Van Gogh (8.00), 4-Cocktails(10.00), 5-Gary Trudeau (6.00), 6-Rome (8.00), 7-Greece(7.00), 8-Game Rules(7.00), 9-Reef(7.00), 10-Grand Canyon(7.00), 11-R.Digest (15.00)

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