Company Description
I'm a self taught woodworker and resin artist and create handmade charcuterie boards, lazy susans, trays and much more.

I was at a craft market about five years ago and walked past a vendor selling live edge wood and some finished pieces he had made. I knew I could make that too, so I bought a few pieces from him and made cutting boards for my family. When I lost my job last year due to Covid, I jumped in and started making boards full time. One day I stumbled across resin and some pretty awesome process videos on Instagram and I was hooked! I started playing around with it and reached out to another resin artist who was happy to teach me and I haven't stopped making, since!

I’m a wife, mom of 2 kids and marketing professional. My passions are music and being creative with my hands. Since Covid took away my career in music, I'm keeping busy using my hands! I love turning a rough piece of wood into something beautiful 💜
Jill Jacenko