Company Description
Hi! My name is Jeni, the founder of The Painted Ladies, an Arizona based brand that hand crafts unique and meaningful art for your home. By my side is my husband Jonathan who hand cuts every board and sign, and my son Jonah who’s art has launched our small business into something we never could have imagined.

We started The Painted Ladies in 2008 from our tiny home, hand painting each and every sign and teaching my boys to paint along the way. Fast forward to today and our family still holds handmade and hand painted as something we are most proud of, growing our customer family with the guarantee you’re receiving a piece that is unique and thoughtfully made.

Our product range consists of unique art, cheeky signs, and stickers of our most popular works.

We strive to design meaningful products worthy of the stories they'll tell. And there's no greater satisfaction for us than knowing they've found a place in your home.
Jeni Ballard