Company Description
Mobile Fashion Trucks
Revitalizing the Retail Experience
Clothing retailers have dramatically changed the shopping experience for consumers. What were once all shopping malls and department stores have evolved with the Age of Technology, with a large part of the fashion industry moving into an e-commerce market.. The majority of shopping can now be done online, and some companies, like J. Crew, even offer chat-room stylists.
However, in the last 10 years, mobile fashion trucks have bolstered up on the east and west coasts. In the same way an ice cream man would come to neighborhood kids, fashion mobiles come to the fashionistas. And like any other store, these boutiques-on-wheels provide fashion forward pieces, everyday staples, accessories, and home goodies—on the go.
With so much competition to break into fashion, these chic trucks offer both the seller and consumer a different fashion experience. The seemingly successful endeavor has spread out from the coasts and into Middle America.
Husband and wife duo, Michael and Lisa Venezia of “The GoGo Gaga,” are based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Before venturing into this mobile venture, Lisa has and still is in the Retail Market for over 35 years while Michael has mastered the Sales and Marketing side of the Business with over 37 years as an entrepreneur.
The duo’s fashion truck will be in high demand with a rapidly raising industry. A mobile store really isn’t a new idea, but due to technology—social media, mobile credit card acceptance, etc.—it certainly is a more viable option. Plus, you can go to new places and reach potential customers that may never get to a traditional, fixed location. Also, you can be open when you want to be and set any hours that you want.
“The GoGo Gaga,” fashion mobile store can be found on street sides, community events, office buildings, music festivals and private parties.
Some of the novelties are that mobile fashion shops can be booked for parties or events. Customers appreciate the one-on-one shopping at a private event.
“[The customer] likes that she is able to sip champagne and shop with her friends. We offer what many corporate retailers cannot, a customized styling experience in the comfort of the consumer’s venue of choice— such as their home or office.”
And a styling experience it is, as the store owners put a lot of time into curating the pieces that they sell. The clothing, shoes and accessories that are chosen are hard to find pieces picked specifically with the shop’s demographic in mind.
These pieces can be vintage items sought out at trade shows, to modern high fashion pieces from department stores. No matter where it’s bought, a lot of consideration is taken before purchasing.
The customer is always kept in mind even when it comes to buying from local designers. When choosing a local designer, we make sure they fit the bill for the “The GoGo Gaga,” demographics.
Like any other store, fashion mobiles do exactly what retailers do: they are up to date with trends, they take extreme pride in their purchases, and they certainly value their customers.
“The GoGo Gaga,” mobile fashion truck appear to do more than provide great buying stories, it adds another layer of retailing that can be explored by young fashion hopefuls who want to break into the scene.
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