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Arcadia Antiques is a culmination of our passion for finding quality and value in things that have been designed to stand the test of time. In a world of a disposable society we seek out furniture, household and kitchen, farm and garden, as well as things that may repurposed with a little imagination and ingenuity.
Specializing in antique and vintage furniture, lighting and works of art; including but not limited to architectural and structural pieces, paintings and pottery, and many other quality objects that catch our memories of a time gone by. Targeting from the 1800’s through mid-century.
For over 40 years, we have sought out, restored, renewed or redesigned furniture and treasures to give them new life and purpose. Our business has grown out of our passion, finding and ever adding to the things that we loved and wanted to be part of our lives. As many of you, we began to run out of room and space and needed to share our treasures with the rest of the world. We opened up our thoughts to fulfill the passions of others in addition to our own. .
With that thought in mind we began in helping family members and friends locate, restore, and refurnish with treasures that fit their taste. Savings thousands of dollars while achieving a much higher quality and longer lasting additions to their loving homes and businesses. In 2013 we spent over a year in finding the pieces that would rejuvenate a bed & breakfast in Southeast Arizona.
We hope that you enjoy the fruits of our labor. We are constantly on the watch for unique treasures and quality items to share with current as well as new members of our Arcadia Antiques family and friends. Please let us know what we may able to help you find to fill your homes and hearts with treasures of days gone by.
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