Spring is in the Air

I don’t know about you, but SPRING is in the air! Well at least in Phoenix it is! We have been having some crazy beautiful weather. And with Easter just around the corner, can you believe it, just a few weeks and Easter will be here, I figured I better get a move on decorating. With 3 kids I don’t really have too much time to decorate my house seasonally, so I try to find those little things that will make a big difference and keep things as simple as possible.

One of my favorite spaces to decorate is my front door, not the actual door, but the outside entrance. We have an empty space to the left of our front door, perfect for a little pile of junk!
It’s very simple, but I love the little additions of spring color.

I can’t take any credit for this great idea!  This past weekend while browsing some of our favorite vendors booths at the M7 Street Fair I came across some old rusty drawers similar to these used as planters.  Thank you Vagabond Xchange for this brilliant idea.  I happened to have several of these rusty old file drawers, as you can see, that I found buried at my grandparents house this past summer.  And they made perfect planters for the flowers the kiddos picked out!  Wouldn’t you say?

spring3A couple weeks ago I found this cute little dresser at Everything Goes, another one of our FABULOUS vendors, and its the perfect color of mint! It fits nicely in this little entry space inside my front door. We use it for the kids shoes. Each kiddo has their own drawer to keep their shoes in.
And to add another little pop of color I painted the “o”. Again very simple because anything too much more and my kids will tear it apart or break it at this point in their life.
And one more quick little project for you. I don’t know about you, but I found that I love to have fresh basil. And its so much cheaper to buy a little plant of basil that continues to grow and produce than to have to go to the store and buy basil in a package that goes bad after a couple days. I’ll be honest, I definitely don’t have a green thumb, my husband can attest to that, but I have managed to keep basil alive for a very long period of time. So I decided that the basil plant needed a little spring facelift. So I put the basil plant inside a glass jar, as well as a cilantro plant that I had. Then with a little hot glue, burlap and lace, waalaa! Is that a word?! It doesn’t look right written out, but oh well. It’s that easy really, just wrap the burlap and lace around the jar and hot glue it together and then you have some pretty jars ready for spring. I actually got this idea from one of our new friends that we met at Revive, <http://www.thehankfulhouse.com/2013/03/make-flower-pots-out-of-paint-cans.html>Mandy, not my sister Mandy who posts here on Thursdays, another Mandy (there were actually 3 Mandy’s at Revive). And she acutally used paint cans, not jars! Also such a great idea, I always have cans lying around my house.

Are you all getting ready for Easter & spring? Have you already decorated? I’d love to see what you did.