scrap paper Easter banner


I finally took the time to take down my Valentines Day decor this week. And once it was down I just felt like my apartment was way too plain. It needed something new, and with Easter right around the corner I decided to wip up something fun. Thus we have the birth of this delightful banner.
blog 1Now the best part about this project is that I had everything at home already, and most likely you do to. You will need yarn or string of some sort, paper bags, paint chips or paper scraps and a glue gun. I had intended to use colored and scrap book paper on my eggs, but when I went to pull it out I found a whole bag of paint chips that I had left over from a different project. So I decided to to use those instead and the colors I had worked perfectly.
IMG_3215FIrst step is to cut the bag. You will end up folding the pieces in half, so I just cut them down the crease to make it a little bit easier. I cut six pieces, 6 inches across 14 inches high – folded in half (6×7). But you can make the larger or smaller depending on where you want to hang them.

IMG_3245Next you will want to cut out an egg on each one. I did not trust myself to freehand it, so I printed out an egg clip art and traced it onto each piece before I cut them out.

PicMonkey CollageAnd then we move onto the colors. Pull out all of your scrap paper and paint chips. Cut them into strips. I made mine in various sizes- it all just depends on how wide you want the stripes to be on your eggs. Making sure that all of the slices are wide enough to cover the widest part of your egg. Then after you cut them all up arrange them how you will want to glue them.

IMG_3231After you have them all laid out you will want to glue them down to the inside of your paper bag pieces. So that the colors will be visible once you fold down the cut out egg flap.

IMG_3259After you have all of the strips glued down you will want to string your yarn through the creases, and glue the flaps together. I used four strands of yarn, but only glued one of them in the paper fold. I followed it up with a knot on either side of the eggs to pull all the strands of yarn together, and add a bit more pazazz.

IMG_3282I opted to use a hot glue gun just to make sure everything held together, but good ol elmers would probably be just as good.

IMG_3323How do you guys decorate for Easter?