San Diego Flea Market

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Ok- I am not going to lie. I got my hopes up for this flea market. It wasn’t bad, but I was kind of disappointed. It was about 80% crap, 15% neat stuff and 5% really cool antiques. I did manage to still fill my trunk. Here are some shots from the day.


Anyone want some birds??

My mom and brother- aka partners in crime. That is my new oar I am pretty stoked about!


Because who doesn’t want a stuffed crow?!


Great place for scrubs apparently that can go with your new tube socks from the booth next door!


Here is a sneak peak at my goodies!
I also learned an important lesson. Always make sure your tow package is wired before you decide to rent a trailer! Apparently ours was not and I purchased this beauty in hopes to bring it home in our rented trailer. U-Haul went to hook it up and informed us it wasn’t wired. :( so I had to go back to the flea market and ask for my money back.

  Isn’t she purdy?

On the way home from that fiasco we stopped at Architectural Salvage. This store made me want to build a house! Here is some eye candy…

I didn’t buy any of this goodness because of the stupid trailer but it was sure fun to look at!!
Hope you are having a great weekend :)

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