Fashion Friday: Scarf Tying 101

After working in the retail world for almost 5 years now, you learn a few tricks of the trade. And something I’ve learned over the years is how easy it is to complete an outfit with a scarf! You can play up just a basic t-shirt and jeans with a fun patterned scarf, or add a solid color to play off of different textures in your outfit. With so many ways to wear them, your outfit options are limitless! Here are just some of my favorite ways to tie them, and I’ll show you how to do it too!

The Fishy Braid

1. Start with a “fish”


2. Loop the top strand under the other. Now you have 3 strands to start the braid.

IMG_0465 copy

3. Braid the 3 strands until you get to the end


4. Knot it when you’re finished, and you’re done! If you have any strands sticking out just tuck them into the loop of the scarf.

IMG_0467 copy

The Bow-tique Knot

1. Start by loosely knotting one side of the scarf.


2. Fold the longer side of the scarf in half (hot dog style!), and begin to fold up in an accordion style.


3. Once you fold up to meet the knot on the other side (this will determine the size of the neck hole), start to put half of the accordion fold through the knot.

IMG_0470 copy

4. Tighten the knot, and you’re done!

IMG_0471 copy

photo copy

And here’s another scarf I love too…just looped and tucked the scarf strands around one another. (no real science to this one, just random!)

photo1 copy

I hope you enjoyed these scarf tutorials! There are plenty more out there, and I find a lot of great tutorials on YouTube. Happy first day of March and have a great weekend!